About Us

Gasket & Seal Fabricators is an ISO 9001:2015 certified gasket supplier and O-ring distributor located in the St. Louis, Missouri metro area. Established in 1977, the company continues to deliver high quality parts to top-tier manufacturers.

We supply die-cut, knife-cut, lathe-cut, extruded, molded, and spliced gaskets of all types.  Our in-house capabilities include various types of converting equipment, slitting, laminating, and vulcanizing (splicing) equipment.

We have extensive experience working with material suppliers to meet your project’s needs – whether it is common nitrile or complex fluorocarbon. We specialize in both commercial and military spec materials, including many UL, FDA, and NSF recognized materials. Our expertise is primarily in the elastomer and fiber materials.

Our customers represent a variety of industries: medical, electrical, aerospace, HVAC-R, oil & gas, railroad, motor, compressor, water purification, vending, and many more. 

Contact us today – we would love to hear about your current project. Gasket & Seal is fully capable and interested in quoting parts ranging from one-piece prototypes to full scale production runs.

Sealing Specialists
Since 1977

At GSF, we understand the value of partnering with a reliable supplier. You want your products within specifications, delivered within your requested date, have competitive pricing, and great customer service.

We hold ourselves to a high standard. We challenge ourselves to maintain our excellence and find ways to improve as a supplier. 


Customers have relied on us for decades to produce high quality gaskets that people trust in their every day products. You can find our gaskets in many common applications – from fuel dispensers at the gas station to electric transformers in your neighborhood. We pride ourselves on our Quality Management System, which sets a high standard for our customers’ parts.

O-Rings & Seals

Gasket & Seal Fabricators is an authorized distributor for Parker Hannifin O-rings and seals. When it comes to quality, we choose to partner with the best in the industry. Parker Hannifin continues to deliver world-class sealing products which we are proud to offer our customers.


“Reliable supplier that responds quickly to our needs. They are excellent in making custom and sometimes ‘tricky’ parts.”

Sr. Commodity Manager, Electrical Device Industry

“I’ve worked with Gasket and Seal for 30+ years and have always been supported 100% by the customer service team. If all our vendors were this responsive my work would be much easier.”

Senior Procurement Agent, Energy Industry

“Gasket and Seal has been a trusted and valued partner for our company for many years. During the pandemic they were an invaluable resource for our supply chain.”

Purchasing Manager, Healthcare Industry

“25 years with GSF. Looking forward to making it 50.”

Senior Buyer, Electrical Device Industry


Frequent Questions


Why should we choose GSF as a supplier?

Simply put, GSF is transforming under new leadership. The company is investing in top-of the-line equipment to increase capabilities, revamping processes to improve quality, and updating our systems to make our interactions seamless. As a result, our supplier metrics have only improved across the board…we actually look forward to seeing our supplier report cards every month.



Can you tell me more about GSF's quality system?

GSF has a comprehensive quality management system that complies with ISO 9001:2015. We hold ourselves and our suppliers accountable with the end goal of delivering high quality parts to our customers. It may sound cliché, but it’s true: our priority is to continuously improve as a supplier and seek out feedback from our customers.


What is your current lead time?

Our lead time is currently 2-3 weeks. We also have an expedite option if your project is urgently needed within 5 business days.

We note that lead times could extend into several months depending on the material, especially during material shortages and supply chain disruptions.